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7 Benefits of bike riding after COVID-19

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7 Benefits of bike riding after COVID-19

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Why cycling is friendly currently?

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues, and major cities around the world gradually return to work, many people still have some "resistance" to public transportation such as buses and subways. More and more people are cycling, walking or working from home.

Bicycles are an alternative. New cycle lanes have appeared in places like Berlin and Bogota during the pandemic. In recent weeks, Oakland, California, has closed 74 miles of streets to make room for cyclists and pedestrians, while Seattle, Washington and Milan, Italy, among others, are considering permanently reducing the use of cars.

As bicycle use increases, the construction of bike lanes will enter a sustainable virtuous cycle. For example, the downtown Seattle freeway was converted into a public transit lane during major repairs, and was eventually permanently preserved. Building 400 miles of bike lanes in Paris would cost 2% less than the cost of redesigning the city's metro system.

Unlike the "crowded" scene on public transport, bicycle travel is easier and freer for most ordinary people, without the expense of private cars and effectively avoiding close contact with others.


The benefits of cycling

1, Cycling can relieve people's depressed mental state.

Since COVID-19, many Germans have been concerned about the health risks of public transport, fearing they might be infected in confined Spaces. Switch to a bike that is light and safe. Regular exercise three to five times a week is good for your mental health, according to a study. Among sports, cycling has a particularly positive psychological effect.

2, In the face of the epidemic, choosing to ride bicycles, not only for physical exercise, but also for mental health. Especially some short distance bicycle tour routes, people can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Breathing fresh air and being in touch with nature, negative emotions are swept away.

3. In the fast-paced urban life, want to put down the burden of body and mind, green lifestyle is undoubtedly an effective way. More and more people are taking part in the green life to reap the peace of mind. Green environmental protection, travel is convenient, and the characteristics of single bicycle, can very good to provide travel stiffness and effectively prevent the safety of confined space virus transmission, even more than the space closed private car.

4, Safety and weight loss, why not? Cycling is suitable for people of all ages and is suitable for the general public. Not only can it effectively lose fat, but sweating is good for removing waste and skin metabolism. Besides, riding a bike is a good exercise for all the muscles. When stepping on pedal, basically exercise the gluteal muscle of thigh watch side and coxal quadriceps. Hands on the handle, can also make the abdomen, back and other core muscles get exercise, while both hands and arms and upper body muscles can get a certain exercise.

In the context of COVID-19, bicycle accidents have become popular in many parts of the world, which makes governments pay more attention to this low-carbon, environment-friendly and epidemic prevention and control mode of transportation. However, the government may still need to do more to protect cyclists and traffic safety in the future.

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