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How to ride a bike properly?

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How to ride a bike properly?


As an outdoor exercise, cycling has many benefits,it is a great activity that gives you plenty of exercise and fun at the same time. is there proper posture for riding a bike? It's a more efficient ride as below.

1,Check the bike carefully before riding

Proper height of the bike seat.

The height of the bike seat is important. The seat is too low and your legs can't spread ,then you feel hard, then you can't move fast enough, and then the legs tire quickly.If you ride the wrong way for a long time, it's bad for your joints and your safety

Check your tires for air?

Whether the seat is firm, whether the handlebars are in good condition, whether the brakes are effective, whether the pedal is firm, these checks are related to the safety of the whole riding, especially in the downhill section, any small negligence may cause life danger, finally don't forget to check whether the bell can ring.

2,Attention points during cycling

Don't spread your legs too far apart.

Pedal naturally.

In fact, the feeling of pedaling is very similar to squatting (similar but not the same), plus the unique structure of the bike, so to complete a leg flexion, just press down, one foot from flexion to flexion, the other foot naturally from flexion to flexion and then press down, so that just complete the whole cycle.

Let your shoulders drop naturally and relax

Shoulders the action limits the two places, one is the core, the other one is the rotation of the head, that is to say, if in the case of a shrug shoulders surprises, wrong action will cause you can't timely response, even affect the vision, twist a head and use this pose ride a bit not to relax, not only will shoulder the pressure is big, Riding with hunched shoulders for long periods of time can also cause neck pain.

3,Park your bikes properly when you're not use it

When the bicycle is not in use, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid corrosion. At the same time, the tires should be fully inflated, so as not to be crushed for a long time and split or deformed.

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