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How to store your bikes indoor?

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How to store your bikes indoor?

Cycling is a good aerobic exercise, it can stretch and exercise the muscles of the whole body,but not every season is suitable for riding, or because of special circumstances (epidemic) can not ride, do not ride for a long time of course choose to leave the bike indoors, which will be relatively safe. Of course, the correct placement of the bicycle is also a part of bicycle maintenance.

What should pay attention to when storing bicycle?

Keep your tyres properly inflated.

Bicycle tires should be inflated. If bicycle tires are left flat, they will deform over time. However, avoid overinflating your tires. Especially if the bike has been stored for a long time (weeks or months). Too much pressure unnecessarily binds the tires to the fibers. If the bicycle is placed for a long time, it is recommended to place the tire pressure of the bicycle is about 20% lower than the normal tire pressure, and ensure that the bicycle is filled up regularly every month.

Avoid sun exposure,heat source and humidity.

Direct light can damage all plastic and rubber parts on a bicycle. It's also not very good for carbon fiber parts.Rubber and plastic parts can age faster if the bike is stored near a radiator or heating unit.High humidity is bad for steel and carbon components,somebasement garages can be very wet.If the bike is stored on a concrete floor (usually in a garage or basement), put some cardboard or old carpet under the wheel. Exposed concrete absorbs moisture from tire rubber, making them rot and crack more quickly. This is especially important for long-term storage.

Pay attention to the bicycle accessories.

  • Hydraulic mechanism (brakes, shock absorbers...) General hydraulic braking and suspension is easy to into the air, this will make the effect of the bicycle is greatly reduced, especially bicycle placed upside down for a long time, it will be easier to make these devices intake, though, a sealing ring, but it's easier to intake, inverted bicycles so normal for bike in horizontal as far as possible, to maintain its normal standing position.

  • The disc can easily bend if it hits something, and because there is so little space between the brake pads and the disc, a tiny bend can make the disc make an unpleasant grinding noise.

  • Transmission and other sensitive parts of the chain dial is very fragile parts, when placed as far as possible do not give them any pressure, the right side of the wall parking, do not let the chain dial direct contact with the wall.

Ideas for storing bikes indoor.

There are two basic ways to store a bike indoor: on the ground or wall mounted.

One drawback to storing bikes on the ground is that they take up some useful space. Part of it is that it's portable and you can take your bike out anytime you want.In principle, the bikes stored on the ground (park your bike at a floor bike stand )should be placed against some stable objects or walls as far as possible(hanging bike rack), and should be positioned as far as possible to avoid tripping or hitting the bikes.

Bicycles placed on high places are generally suspended(using a wall mounted bike rack), which saves more space.

  • Vertically parking on the wall

  • Fitted a rack to the ceiling,The hoist is fitted to a track on the ceiling

  • Hanging a wheel of bike.


More ways for storing your bikes indoor,you can find at:



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