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Is there any necessary for public bicycles?

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Is there any necessary for public bicycles?

Some people think that public bikes are so-called shared bikes, but in fact they are not. The most significant difference between the two is that shared bikes are generally managed and operated by enterprises, that is, they are dominated by enterprises.  Public bicycles are administered by local governments and dominated by the government.  In addition, in the form of parking, most of the public bikes are parked with piles.  

The disadvantage of public bicycle lies in that the distribution areas of shared bikes and public bicycles overlap in many cities. The number of shared bikes is much larger than that of public bicycles, and pile parking affects the convenience of using public bicycles.  But bike-sharing is not perfect, with management problems becoming increasingly prominent, especially indiscriminate parking and bicycles competing with vehicles for the right of way.  After a long time of development, shared bikes are widely known, while public bikes are in decline. 

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However, public bikes have not been completely replaced, which can be attributed to the following reasons:  

1, Public bicycles have the nature of public welfare. The bikes are part of the government's efforts to improve the city's public transport system, which allows residents to use them for free. 

2,Low cost risk. All costs involved in public bicycles are guaranteed by the government rather than a certain enterprise, and there is basically no financial risk, which is not the case with shared bikes. 

3,Management and maintenance are guaranteed. Piled parking can effectively avoid the phenomenon of disorderly parking, and regular maintenance of the vehicle can ensure the quality of public bikes, but shared bikes are not. 

4,Through government regulation, the total amount of shared bikes and public bikes generally will not produce "surplus" situation. In addition, for city residents who hold a "resident card", it is more convenient to use public bicycles than to share them.

On the other hand, the provision of public bicycles also causes some users to park bicycles at will. In some communities, there is no area for storing bicycles, and bicycle parking is chaotic, which brings a lot of inconvenience to residents' daily travel.  The passage in front of the unit is crowded by bicycles, and residents can only walk among bicycles, which makes travel very inconvenient.  The disorderly parking of bicycles not only affects the environment of the community, but also has certain security risks.  At the same time, because users park at will, affect the traffic order and the efficiency of the use of bicycles.  The indiscriminate parking and damage of shared bikes not only reflects the lack of public morality and credit of some people, but also affects the development of shared bikes.  

It can be said that a city's citizens' attitude towards shared bikes is the litmus test of the civilization of the city. In addition to calling on relevant departments to strengthen urban management and crack down on theft and destruction in strict accordance with the law, we also call on everyone to follow the rules and behave as civilized, law-abiding, honest and self-disciplined modern citizens.

Public bicycle shows that there are still many people need this instead of walking tool to solve the problem of the last kilometer of travel, at the same time also shows that more and more people agree with the concept of low carbon travel, the green life, originally appeared in the city scenic spot for people to visit the use of public bicycle ushered in a new development, it is used to solve the urban traffic pressure, energy conservation and emissions reduction, While advocating green travel, it is also a beautiful landscape line to enhance the image of the city.To sum up, the existence of public bicycles is still very helpful to the people, but the progress of a civilized city also needs the participation of every citizen. 

So,how to solve bicycle parking disorder?

1. Indiscriminate parking of bicycles is a problem of the social environment and user quality.

2. Instead of calling on the government and bike-sharing companies to tackle the problem, ask yourself what you can do about it.

3, suggestions, let us start from their own, after riding, their car neatly placed, there are fallen bicycles on the roadside, hand to help. Rest assured, hold the bike, no one will trap you.

4, As long as we usually use the bike, put the bike, around a few messy car also conveniently placed a little tidy, a lot of people will start to follow suit, learn this practice. If this kind of positive social energy is spreading. Roadside bicycles will not be parked at random.

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