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Having a bike rack is one of the easiest ways to organise your bikes. It will make it easier to find them when you need them, and it will also prevent your bikes from getting damaged.We offer a range of bike rack, parking bollard and parking solutions to suit every requirement.
Standard and customized designs available. Check here to see more of our bike parking products including bike parking & storage.

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Outdoor bike rack is generally used in urban and cities street  to provide temporary parking for cyclists.The universal design of outdoor bike stands let the bike rack suits for various kinds of bikes,it's strong enough for all types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes,road bikes, folding bikes.The galvanized or ppowder coated make it rustproof,they are also innovative, practical and aesthetically pleasing.VAN's bike rack for outdoor is made of high quality steel,making them incredibly well-suited for continued exposure to environmental conditions.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor bike parking?
02 June 2023

Outdoor bike parking is important because it helps prevent theft and vandalism of bicycles, ensures the safety of parked bikes, and promotes the use of bicycles as a sustainable mode of transportation. It also encourages more people to choose cycling as a means of commuting or for leisure, as they have a secure place to park their bikes when they reach their destinations.

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Why are scooters good for kids?
21 October 2022

Scooter is a popular product for children in today's market. Basically, after the first year of life, if the right scooter is chosen, it can help them to achieve their full potential. However, many parents are hostile to these children's products because they think they are not safe and because they

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Outdoor Bike Rack Design Ideas
14 September 2022

If you enjoy cycling outdoors, you know that securing your bike to a rack can be an important part of your journey. Racks come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to pick the right one for your needs. In this article, we'll take a look at some popular bike rack designs and give you some ideas on how to choose the perfect one for your home or office.

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying An Outdoor Bike Rack
10 September 2022

Are you looking for the perfect way to transport your bike outdoors? If so, you might want to consider investing in an outdoor bike rack. There are a lot of different types and brands out there, so it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. In this article, we'll help you learn everything you need to know about buying an outdoor bike rack.

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Bike Racks That Will Make Your Commute A Breeze
06 September 2022

If you're anything like most of us, you hate battling traffic on your way to work. But, if you're lucky, you may be able to avoid it altogether by taking the bus or bike. However, even if you can avoid traffic, there's always the chance that a bike rack at your workplace isn't up to par and won't hold your bike securely.

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How to ride a bike properly?
15 June 2022

As an outdoor exercise, cycling has many benefits,it is a great activity that gives you plenty of exercise and fun at the same time. is there proper posture for riding a bike? It's a more efficient ride as below.

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How to store your bikes indoor?
01 July 2022

Cycling is a good aerobic exercise, it can stretch and exercise the muscles of the whole body,but not every season is suitable for riding, or because of special circumstances (epidemic) can not ride, do not ride for a long time of course choose to leave the bike indoors, which will be relatively saf

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Why two tier bike rack is popular?
22 June 2022

Two tier bike rack is So,why is two tier bike rack is popular nowdays?1,The material of the double deck bike racks is durable and hi density2,Space saving3,The cost is low

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What is best ways to park a bike on floor?
24 June 2022

1,The advantages of floor bike rack2,Some floor bike rackssemi vertical bike racksfloor mounted bike racksdouble deck bike racks

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7 Benefits of bike riding after COVID-19
22 July 2021

Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle provide outdoor bicycle parking stand and indoor bike rack,which made cycling more easier for cyclists.

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Introduction to outdoor bike racks
14 July 2021

Introduction to outdoor bike racks.The outdoor bike rack belongs to a bike display rack, often used for street pedestrians and motorized road edges. Outdoor bike racks allow orderly parking of bicycles. The outdoor bike rack is convenient for the management of the city, and it is the best facility f

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What are the advantages of an indoor bike rack?
29 June 2021

With the continuous advocacy of the concept of "green travel, low-carbon travel", more and more citizens choose to travel by bicycle, but the existing open space is small, the lack of professional bicycle parking spaces and bicycle parking are disorderly, and traditional parking methods Relying on b

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What are the advantages of outdoor bike racks?
01 July 2021

The outdoor bike rack is mainly used in all kinds of the parking lot, garage, bike parking area, residential area, property, shed, municipal, factory, school, supermarket parking area, large shopping mall parking area, organs and units, and so on. The outdoor bike rack makes the parking space easy t

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An introduction to the outdoor vertical bike rack
03 June 2021

An outdoor vertical bike rack is mainly suitable for urban planning. Outdoor vertical bike racks can effectively save urban land. The upper rack of the outdoor vertical bike rack adopts vertical lifting, pulling, and direct pressing and the lower rack adopts horizontal moving and fixing to realize t

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Application of outdoor bike racks
08 June 2021

Public places have special outdoor bike racks, for the public to ride a bike to park. Bike-sharing has been regarded as one of the important ways to develop low-carbon transportation at home and abroad, and it is also the development direction of future cities. Bikes can play a positive role in envi

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How to choose an indoor bike rack?
15 June 2021

Many riders have more than one bicycle. How to park and store bicycles is learning. The easy-to-use indoor bike racks have become essential equipment for riders. Here is how to use indoor bike racks to let riders easy to store at home, and can effectively use the space and be beautiful, and easily c

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Importance of outdoor bike racks
17 June 2021

Outdoor bike racks are mainly divided into three categories. The first kind of outdoor bike rack is an aluminum alloy outdoor bike rack. Aluminum alloy outdoor bike rack features easy operation, high acceptance rate, novel, and beautiful appearance. Aluminum alloy outdoor bike rack upper vertical li

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The introduction of a two-tier bike rack
06 July 2021

The two-tier bike rack is a kind of bike rack to solve the parking. The two-tier bike rack adopts the fixed way to realize the bike and electric bike access car. Next, let me introduce you to the two-tier bike rack. Here are some answers. Here is the content list:l The two-tier bike rack is a soluti

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The development prospect of outdoor bike racks
24 June 2021

Outdoor bike racks can be divided into stainless steel structure outdoor bike racks and steel structure outdoor bike racks these two kinds of outdoor bike racks. Stainless steel outdoor bike rack will appear more upscale atmosphere, and outdoor bike rack will appear generous and durable. The length

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Take you into the bicycle parking rack manufacturer
17 April 2021

Low-carbon life, green travel, various types of bicycles, mopeds, electric vehicles, motorcycles and other non-motor vehicles have become important means of transportation in people's lives. In order to better regulate the parking management of these non-motor vehicles, bicycle racks were born! Bicy

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