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Some Bike Locks for Preventing Bike Theft.

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Some Bike Locks for Preventing Bike Theft.

Bicycle locks act as anti-theft bicycle locks with different functions on the market,while there is no foolproof way to lock your car, it is important to lock your bike.If you can't carry your bike with you at all times, it's best to leave it in a crowded, well-lit public place.Never lock your bike because it's easy to get caught. Always make sure the bike frame is on something that's harder to cut than the bike lock.Here are some pratical bike locks for reference:

bike lock

1,Crab Pin Bicycle Lock

2,Old Bicycle Lock

3,The New Bicycle is Lockproof

4,Bicycle Chain Lock

5,Bicycle Wire Lock

1,Crab Pin Bicycle Lock

Crab pin bicycle lock is mainly composed of lock shell, lock bottom, lock lock, lock head, lock ring and other parts. Lock ring, sleeve, lock shell, lock head, lock lock, small spring, large spring, lock bottom.When the lock needs to be opened, insert the key into the lock center and turn it clockwise. The rotation Angle is limited by the lock center positioning slot.When the lock needs to be closed, push the spanner on the lock ring by hand, and the lock ring overcomes the tension of the large spring and extends out to the outside of the lock along the track of the lock shell to enter another mouth.

2,Old Bicycle Lock

This bicycle lock is used to lock the bicycle tripod and wheel, so that the wheel does not turn, so as to play the purpose of anti-theft.

(1) Can not prevent prying and smashing; 

(2) Can not prevent technical opening; 

(3) Can not be oxygen-proof welding, cut gun break lock; 

(4) Can not prevent chemical corrosion; 

(5) Can not prevent drilling; 

(6)Can not prevent imitation keys.

3,The New Bicycle is Lockproof

This lock has five pin holes and several marbles, belonging to the small five-pronged lock. The key is made of pure copper. The lock body is steel-clad and has no gaps, unlike the old bicycle lock, which has a long curved notch in the casing of the lock column and no latch.It's weaknesses are:

(1) can not prevent technical opening; 

(2) can not prevent drilling; 

(3) can not prevent chemical corrosion; 

(4) can not prevent oxygen welding, cut gun to break the lock; 

(5) can not prevent quilt imitation key.

4,Bicycle Chain Lock

This kind of lock is small four teeth lock, lock body is made of aluminum alloy, cylindrical shape, diameter of about 25 mm, about 5 cm long. The core is made of copper and is mounted in the central part of the body. The flat end of the lock is connected to an iron chain about six millimeters thick. The whole chain is covered by plastic hose. The chain is about one foot eight inches long. At the other end of the chain there is a steel locking column. There is a circular groove on the lock column.It's weaknesses are:

(1),can not prevent prying, twisting and vigorously pulling the chain, can not prevent hitting; 

(2),can not prevent technical opening; 

(3),can not prevent drilling; 

(4),can not prevent oxygen welding, cut gun to break the lock; 

(5),Can not prevent chemical corrosion; 

(6),Can not prevent imitation keys.

5,Bicycle Wire Lock

The whole wire rope of this lock is about one meter and two meters. Normally, the wire rope can be naturally rolled into a ball. It can be stretched or rolled into a double strand to lock the bike if needed. Because of its long wire rope, the bike can be locked to the rail post, or several bikes can be linked together to lock. Therefore, many people like to use this kind of wire lock to lock the bicycle.It's weaknesses are: 

(1),can not prevent technical opening; 

(2),Can not shear steel pliers to cut the wire rope; 

(3),can not prevent corrosion; 

(4),can not prevent drilling; 

(5),Can not prevent oxygen welding, cutting gun to break the lock; 

(6),Can not prevent quilt imitation key.

Most important,chose the appropriate bike parkings to lock your bikes.

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