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The experiences of selling bike racks from VAN’ s employees.

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The experiences of selling bike racks from VAN’ s employees.

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Part 1

"Zhejiang Huzhou these pictures, I said that decided the development of China's bicycle parking rack industry is not an exaggeration; The story of this photo starts from the winter of 2008. It was very cold that winter, and xianfeng Factory was not very busy at that time. Everyone was preparing to go home for the Spring Festival.  At that time, our company was not involved in the mass production of this parking rack, and only made a sample for Kaiser Callee, and the time was tight. However, after the research of relevant departments of the company and the attitude of being responsible to the customer, the company decided to give up the rest time, work overtime and finish the installation within the time specified by the customer!  Of course, we also want to take pictures to commemorate the hard and happy moment!  (PS: this classic yellow base and black shelf collocation is also designed by huzhou planning bureau, the classic color has been continued up to now;)  "Said Andani, a sales officer from Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.  

Part 2

"The picture of this series, I think I feel a lot of, this is my company that year, that was the second half of 2010, at that time I like to move from the company's products to the way in the factory, many Angle, I particularly like is 45 ° Angle of shutter, like the sun is not very big in the afternoon light;  The products in this picture are assembled by me, moved in and out by me;  I wanted to take beautiful and real pictures for customers, but I did not protect the pictures at that time. I borrowed too many pictures ruthlessly from my peers, but I made a lot of misunderstandings for everyone. I am very sorry!  This picture is also very meaningful to me. This picture is the customer's trust and friendship to me.  Because this is kunshan do intelligent engineering customers total for me, always the current purchased a total of about 20000 yuan of racks, although the project is not big, when I have and always be good friends, always likes photography, his Canon SLR is very good, this picture is the SLR photography, images have more than 5 m, high quality!  Thank you again, next time we will take you to visit the Yan-jia Garden in Mudu!"  Said Nancy, a sales from Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.  

bike rack

Part 3

"Jiangnan university north gate racks, this project I took 10 August 2012 colleagues with two days of sweat installation is complete, a picture behind, is not only a pressing the shutter, more is hard to pay a lot of people, I respect my colleagues, so I never stole colleagues photos, I cherish my colleagues,  So I want to protect these images, and I want to do my best to show them the real picture!"  Said Jereme.  

Part 4

"The parking rack of Suzhou Municipal Bureau, the project of Suzhou Sanxiang Road, although this picture has been copied too much by the network, we still attach great importance to it;  This project, is our deputy general manager Liu Guoqing, in 2007 to the mayor of Suzhou mailbox letter;  This project gives us great confidence and makes us very hopeful about the future of bicycle parking racks..."  Said Ronnie, the manager of sales from Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.  

Part 5

"Mudu, the place qianlong visited six times;  This project is located at Jinshan South Road, Mudu Town, Suzhou city;  This is a project we did for mudu Town government in 2011. I still remember this picture vividly. The coolness of that morning still touches my face.  Because I happen to pass through here on my way to work, I took these photos half an hour earlier than usual on that autumn morning. There are still traces of my photos -45°, can you see them?"  Said Murphy,a sales from Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.

Into the pioneer company gate, is this road, roadside trees and flowers, a pioneer who care, these trees and flowers to decorate the company, also decorate our bike racks pictures, I like bike racks product photographs taken in the background, I like to show my customers really something, we do pioneer people admire sincerely, honesty,  We do not cheat the world, do not steal pics!  

u bike rack

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