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The introduction of a two-tier bike rack

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The introduction of a two-tier bike rack

The two-tier bike rack is a kind of bike rack to solve the parking. The two-tier bike rack adopts the fixed way to realize the bike and electric bike access car. Next, let me introduce you to the two-tier bike rack. Here are some answers.


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The two-tier bike rack is a solution to the problem of bicycle parking.

The two-tier bike rack structure.

There are mainly the following kinds of two-tier bike racks.


The two-tier bike rack is a solution to the problem of bicycle parking

In recent years, urban air pollution has become the most concerning issue of the public due to the persistent and frequent haze, and the main culprit of the haze is vehicle exhaust emissions. Therefore, in the context of green environmental protection as the theme, bike as a green, low-carbon means of transportation is more and more favored by people. Two-tier bike racks are also slowly appearing in people's vision. In addition, the emergence of the current booming bike-sharing has solved the problem of the last mile of public transportation, which has triggered the crazy pursuit of venture capital. The need for a two-tier bike rack is even greater. However, the emergence of a large number of bikes and how to solve the problem of disorderly parking has become an urgent problem for city management departments to solve. A two-tier bike rack is a good solution to this problem.

The two-tier bike rack uses vertical lifting, horizontal translation, multi-layer rotation, and other ways to park bikes and electric vehicles. The two-tier bike rack increases the number of vehicles parked in unit space several times and solves the problems of insufficient parking space per unit area, fast depreciation of bikes, and so on.


The two-tier bike rack structure

The two-tier bike rack consists of a two-tier bike rack and an intelligent bike parking system. The two-tier bike rack is divided into upper parking rack and lower parking rack, the upper rack generally adopts vertical lifting, pulling, direct pressure, and other ways, the lower rack adopts horizontal movement, fixed and other ways to realize the movement of the bike and electric vehicle access car. A two-tier bike rack increases the number of vehicles parked in unit space to 200%~300% and meets the non-motor vehicle intensive parking needs of schools, shopping malls, office buildings, subways, parks, government agencies, and other units. The two-tier bike rack arrangement is flexible, the frame Angle can be adjusted according to the site conditions to meet the width of the channel.


There are mainly the following kinds of two-tier bike racks

First, the two-tier bike racks are a pull-up parking rack and a fixed bike parking rack. Second, the two-tier bike racks for the upper direct pressure parking rack and the lower horizontal mobile parking rack. Third, two-tier bike racks for the upper vertical lifting type parking rack, the lower horizontal mobile bike parking rack. The intelligent bike parking system of the metro depot mainly includes the bike parking system of the ground metro depot and the bike parking system of the underground metro depot.


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