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What is best ways to park a bike on floor?

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What is best ways to park a bike on floor?

The introduce of floor bike rack.

There are special bicycle racks in public places for citizens to park when they travel. Public bicycle has been regarded as one of the important ways to develop low-carbon transportation at home and abroad. It is also the development direction of future cities, which can play a positive role in environmental protection, convenient travel, and easing traffic pressure. For bicycle parking and standardized management, the bicycle parking rack can be used to manage. The use of bicycle parking rack effectively solves the problem of bicycle parking order, is a contribution to the city beautification construction, for the creation of environmental protection society.

The utility model relates to a bicycle parking sysstem, in particular to a bicycle parking rack. Bicycle racks have the following features.Save a lot of space, thus providing more bike parking space, management bicycle, make messy become orderly, low price, maximize the use of space, humanized design, suitable for living environment, light operation, improve safety, unique design, safe and reliable use, simple and convenient to take and put the bikes. Bicycle parking racks, not only beautify the appearance of the city, but also facilitate the orderly parking of bicycles, electric bikes, but also prevent the occurrence of theft cases, by the masses of consistent praise.

Bicycle parking rack is also called bike storage rack, parking rack, anti-theft rack, lock rack, bicycle display rack. It is a metal rackfor parking bicycles. There are slot type bicycle parking rack , high and low bicycle parking rack , double deck bicycle parking rack and so on. Mainly used for parking bicycles or simple electric bikes.

Below introduces some excellent floor bike racks from VAN.

  • Semi vertical bike racks

  • High low bike racks

  • Double deck bike racks

Semi vertical bike racks can save space - storing bikes semi-vertically instead of on the floor helps to save valuable floor area,and it is easy to use - easy to use rack where users simply lift the bike into the space.

They can be surface mounted, wall or floor mounted.These parking racks come as  galvanised as standard and can be supplied with locking loops and bolts to put them together.

VAN's high low bike rack provides double level, side by side cycle parking for retail sites, industrial sites, shopping centres, public buildings etc.it's ideal for bike storage in busy, high traffic areas such as schools, colleges, large office spaces where cycles can be stored and easily accessible to end-users.Can be free-standing or anchored to the ground with the use of holes bolted down, bolds sold separately.

Double deck bike racks can be adjusted according to the site to meet the requirements of aisle width.Suitable for subway stations, bus stations, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas and other public parking areas.

VAN specialise in supplying safety bike parking solutions (outdoor bike racks or indoor bike racks) and products across all of the world. We have a strong commitment to keeping our products priced competitively whilst maintaining a quality-first approach to the products and services we offer .We are now proud to offer comprehensive ranges of affordable bicycle parking or storage products,bike parking solutions are also can be suggested for free just need your requirements.We work with customers of all types, from the end consumer to big multinational companies.

More floor mounted bike racks by click here!


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