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What is the manufacturing principle of an indoor bike rack?

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What is the manufacturing principle of an indoor bike rack?

Indoor bike rack is a device for fixing bicycles or bicycles in a certain position indoors. The indoor bike rack is a kind of electric bicycle rack, which is often used on garages and bicycle parking areas to make bicycle parking orderly. It is easy to manage and is the best facility for bicycles and electric bicycles. There are several types of indoor bike racks: Double Decker Bike Rack, Floor Mounted Bike Rack, Wall Mounted Bike Rack, U Shape Bike Rack. Then, let's introduce in detail what is manufacturing principle of the indoor bike rack?

Here is the content list:

The selection of raw materials

Cutting the material of the indoor bike rack

Welding and grinding

The selection of raw materials

Indoor bike rack materials have evolved from the earliest chromium-molybdenum steel to aluminum alloys, and then the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber. Others include scandium alloys, magnesium alloys, and titanium alloys. Density is one of the key factors that determine the weight of an indoor bike rack. The lower the density, the lighter the indoor bike rack can be. The density of chromium-molybdenum steel is the highest, and the carbon fiber composite is the lowest. However, in addition to the weight of the frame, the tensile strength and elastic coefficient must also be considered.

At present, indoor bike racks can be made of the following materials: steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, scandium alloy, carbon fiber, etc. The general market frame mainly includes steel, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy. carbon fiber. Scandium alloys and magnesium alloys are recent emerging materials and are relatively rare.

Cutting the material of the indoor bike rack

Cutting the material of the indoor bike rack is a step that needs to be done after selecting the material. The cutting of the indoor bike rack should be based on the different cross-sectional shapes, thicknesses, and cutting edge quality requirements of the indoor bike rack. Shearing, punching, gas cutting, sawing, friction cutting, high-temperature heat source cutting, planing and milling processing is to process the edges of the cut parts.

Welding and grinding

When the angle grinder is working, it should be parallel to the surface to be polished, so that the welding seam's residual height is removed; when the welding seam is concave, the material that does not damage the indoor bike rack is the standard. The excessive force causes the surface to sink.

The surface to be polished shall be smooth and not damage the surface of the indoor bike rack. The removal of the indoor bike rack material shall not exceed 5% as the standard; the surface texture requirements of the polished part shall be consistent. Irregular polishing is strictly prohibited along the direction of the weld.

Assembly and packaging

The last step is to realize the connection of the mechanical parts or components of the indoor bike rack according to the technical requirements of the indoor bike rack design and combine the mechanical parts or components into a whole indoor bike rack.

The production principle of an indoor bike rack is like this. First, select the raw materials, then cut the material, press and bend, weld and polish, phosphate, high-temperature powder coating, and finally assemble and package.

Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd has carried out a lot of tests on the indoor bike rack before leaving the factory, and the quality can be guaranteed. If you are engaged in the business of the indoor bike rack, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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