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Why are scooters good for kids?

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Why are scooters good for kids?

Scooter is a popular product for children in today's market. Basically, after the first year of life, if the right scooter is chosen, it can help them to achieve their full potential. However, many parents are hostile to these children's products because they think they are not safe and because they tend to interfere with learning, so they kill the idea of buying a scooter in the first place.

There are 4 benefits of a scooter for kids.

  • Good for children's health

  • Development of children's explore and adventure spirit

  • Increase children's sports habits

  • Develop children's social skills

1,Scooter is Good for health

  • Conducive to the development of children's vestibular organs

    Vestibular organ is human body movement and space position sensors, when children playing the scooter, because of speed, and inertia, corresponding will bow | up the head position

    Constantly changing, so as to cause vestibular organ receptor in excitement, will eventually reflective guide | up children to make the body posture changing to keep the balance of the body and posture.In other words, children playing scooter is conducive to exercise their own balance and overall coordination ability, which is also the vast majority of parents encourage their children to play scooter reasons.

  • Conducive to the development of children's respiratory system and cardiovascular system.

    Like all aerobic exercises, playing scooter can exercise children's respiratory and myocardial muscles, enhance the respiratory movement function and the contractile function of the heart, and improve children's lungs.And the ability of the heart to resist stress, thereby improving the cardiopulmonary function to a certain extent, and promoting the development of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

  • It is conducive to the exercise of lower limbs and waist muscles

    When playing scooter, the rib part and the supporting part are mainly concentrated in the child's lower limbs and waist, so if you often play scooter, the child's lower limbs and waist

    The muscles of the body will be thickened due to frequent passive movement, which is conducive to increasing the strength of the lower limbs and waist.

2,Development of children's explore and adventure spirit

The transition from scooters with handrails to pedal scooters without handrails is a case in point. Scientifically speaking, children's thirst for knowledge and exploration is endless, they Courage is not born, only through continuous attempts, continuous failure, from the initial single movement to later jumping, gliding and other slightly more complex movements, all Can make the child's exploration desire to get great satisfaction, courage has been a great exercise accordingly, and then also conducive to improve the child's spirit of adventure. So this type of child.In the event of emergency, will appear more calm than other children.

3,Increase the amount of exercise and cultivate children's sports habits

Nowadays, many children's time is occupied by electronic products and video games, which also leads to their lack of exercise. If you buy a fun scooter for your child and ride it in the neighborhood or park, you can not only avoid your child's addiction to electronic products, but also cultivate your child's good sports habits.Let the child become confident and strong Scooter beginners, from the beginning of the continuous fall, failure to the final success of riding, skilled control, this is a continuous tempering of character process, it can make children more confident, strong, more perseverance, greatly exercise their will quality.

4,Enhance communication between children

Exchanging toys is a common thing among children, and scooters are popular among children. A cool scooter can bring kids together. Kids riding scooters together can become good friends without any parental guidance.Through scooters, children can broaden their horizons, meet more friends outside, and exchange experience between scooters.In fact, many parents can see that after their children have a scooter, they have more friends and become more confident, which is not a good thing for children.Through communication, children can learn some basic interpersonal skills and sometimes gain popularity not only with their children but also with their parents.

Precautions for playing children's scooter

  • Children's scooters should be used in safe places, and should not be used in roads or unsafe areas.

  • Be sure to use safety equipment, such as sneakers, hard hats, wrist guards, and other safety measures.

  • Poor vision at night, so please do not use:

  • Children under 8 years old - Always use with protection.

  • Ensure that the screws and nuts are in good condition before use.

  • When used to a certain extent, please replace the tire, so as to avoid tire wear and lead to brake failure.

  • For the sake of safety, the construction should not be changed at will.

Scooters can let children directly contact with nature, let children become more sunshine, change the children's past addiction to the Internet a bad habit, for children is beneficial to no harm.

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