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Why quality matters to VAN?

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Why quality matters to VAN?

"Quality is the life of the enterprise", high quality is the cornerstone of the product, is the soul of the enterprise development and the core of competition, is the fundamental survival and long-term development of the enterprise."Quality is the benefit", "quality is life" concept is rooted into the depths of every enterprise, "" today's quality is tomorrow's market" idea affects the enterprise every employee, good product quality to meet customer demand, can also affect the products in the market share, also directly affect the enterprise can walk far in the market.


A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step.Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle has always followed the global thinking mode and clearly positioned the international market and overseas market areas. It is well aware that a civilized city must be a clean city. In order to maintain a good image of the city and undertake the social responsibilities of a company, Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle first started to invest in the research, development and production of roadside bicycle parking frame.Cooperate with the relevant departments to renovate the city appearance, install appropriate bicycle parking racks in the downtown busy sections, standardize the phenomenon of traffic congestion caused by vehicles parked and placed indiscriminately, beautify the city appearance and environment, and improve the city grade.


VAN uses actions and facts to tell customers what we are doing in order to better serve the market, build a better corporate brand, produce higher-end products, and make customers feel more comfortable using our products.


"Ask canal that clear as water, only the source of living water to".In order to ensure the quality of materials in the procurement process and the controllability of the quality in the procurement process, VAN has signed quality assurance agreements with all suppliers to ensure that all materials to VAN are A-grade.Production raw materials are the source of products. Only by controlling the quality from the source and strangling the problems in the cradle can we make good products and high-quality products, highlight VAN's "ingenuity casting" and give full play to VAN's brand competitive advantage.


The guarantee of quality is also the guarantee of the market and the guarantee of the enterprise's evergreen foundation.Because we know: quality is a criterion, quality is a responsibility, quality is a loyalty, quality is the life of the enterprise! Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle products are sold to every corner of the world, and every screen is a witness of its strength. Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle will go further.


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