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Why two tier bike rack is popular?

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Why two tier bike rack is popular?

Why two tier bike rack is popular?

There are hundreds of millions of bicycle applications in urban and rural areas. Bicycle has many functions such as environmental protection, energy saving and fitness, and has always been the preferred means of transportation for many people.  In densely populated areas of the city, the parking of bicycles is too large and the parking way is not satisfactory, which brings a lot of trouble to the city security and city appearance. It is a difficult problem that the municipal administration department has failed to solve effectively for many years. The double-deck bicycle parking rack developed by VAN effectively solves the bicycle parking problems.

So,why is two tier bike rack is popular nowdays?

1,The material of the double deck bike racks is durable and hi density.

  • Galvanized steel, the surface of high temperature plastic spray treatment, can prevent rust, with air spring on the shelf, the use of more than 10,000 times.

  • Aluminum alloy material, surface oxygen pole oxidation treatment, the upper vertical lifting, the lower level of horizontal movement, only need to leave a certain operating space.

2,Space saving

One of the most desired benefits of the two-tier bike racks is that they work great where space is limited, as they have a strong level of accessibility. Two-tier bike racks give the greatest capacity in confined spaces, with unbeatable convenience.

3,Good stability, cost-effective.

Our outdoor bike rack offers various sorts of two-fold stacked bicycle racks that can offer superb usability. Buyers can choose between Economy Two-Tier Bike Rack, Value Two Tier-Rack, Standard Two Tier Bike Rack and also an Easy Lift Two-Tier Bike Rack that permits the user to access the rack effortlessly.

4,More advantages than other parking racks.

  • Without on-site assembly, the lifting arm is in storage state without car, which does not occupy space and is convenient for users to use the lower parking rack.

  • Aluminum alloy material, good corrosion resistance.

  • High degree of automation, the elderly, women are available, good customer experience.

  • Frame Angle can be adjusted according to the site to meet the requirements of aisle width.

  • It can be freely arranged and combined with horizontal mobile shelves, and the number of parking per unit area is large.

From a technical and cost perspective, the two tier bike rack solution is less complex and more affordable.It characterizes simple method and high performance-price ratio with the satisfied practice applications.Van provide many creative and space-saving solutions for bike parking, more and more types of bike racks and bike storage are provided for customers.

The Featurs of VAN's two tier bike racks are:

  • Accommodate all kinds of cycles.

  • Offer high security, as both the wheels and the frame, can be locked to the rack.

  • Can be single or back-to-back.

  • We're manufactured in the China by a handful of dedicated and well-established Chinese fabricators.

  • All Two Tier bike racks are manufactured against your dimensions and room layout at no extra cost. As well as our standardised products, we’re able to create bespoke designs from scratch and customise a cost-effective solution for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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