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Find Your Interested double deck bike rack Information

What kind of double deck bike rack we provide?

Van provide many creative and space-saving solutions for bike parking, more and more types of double deck bike racks and storages are provided for customers.Whether you want to park your bikes indoor or outdoor(indoor double deck bike racks or outdoor double deck bike racks), whether you need the double deck bike racks for commercial or personal use, whether your projects is for short-term double deck bike racks or long-term double deck bike racks,you will find what you need here!

The application for double deck bike rack

Design your double deck bike rack idea

Firstly making sure about the scale of the project, how many bicycles would you want to storage. And determine where your double deck bike racks will be used, whether it will be installed indoors or outdoors, This will determine the materials of the double deck bike rack design.

Confirm the product materials, you can choose both galvanized and powder coating together to make the bike rack stronger anti-rust if the double deck bike rack will be mounted outdoor.




Finally, combined with the use of the product scene, material and project specifications, we will design a perfect double deck bike rack storage project according to your other requirements.




The specification for double deck bike rack

  The materials of VAN’s double deck bike rack are carbon steel, staniless steel, you can choose both Galvanized and powder coating together to make the bike rack stronger and anti-rust.
  The color can be sliver, white or black.
  Van provide various capacity of double deck bike stands according to your requirements, for 2 bikes(1855*150*1665mm), 4 bikes (910*1900*1890mm), 6 bikes (1170*2200*1576mm), 8 bikes (1327*1900*1890mm) or more bikes.
  Van’s two tier bike rack Accommodates all types of bicycles.

Our real double deck bike rack project

 A compus bicycle parking project for University of Hong Kong.

The products of this project is double deck bike racks for parking teacher’s and students’bikes out of the classroom and dormitories. The bicycle parking way is transformed into a double-deck bicycle parking way, so that the bicycle parking tends to be three-dimensional, automatic, intelligent and beautiful!

 A compus bicycle parking project for University of Hong Kong.

This project of the double deck bike rack helps the University of Hong Kong provide a large amount of usable space can be saved, and more bicycle parking Spaces can be provided to maximize the utilization of space resources.

 A multifamily bicyle parking project for a customer from UK.

Compared with the neat arrangement of bicycles, the same number of bicycles in disorderly arrangement will occupy too much public resources and cause unnecessary waste of space. Bicycles not parked in designated areas will cause traffic congestion and confusion for multifamily house.

 A commercial bicycle parking project for customer from America.

The on-site assembly of the double deck biker rack is simple and convenient , the lifting arm is stored in the state of no bike, which does not occupy space and is convenient for users to use the lower parking rack.This project about the double deck bike rack made of aluminum alloy material, anti-corrosion ability is good.And it is high degree of automation, the elderly, women can be used, good customer experience.

Double deck bike rack safety checklist

 The tests about the wheels of the double deck bike rack.

Abrasion tests more than 50 thousand times, Cold resistance test is -30°C, Destructive tests.

 The tests about the gas spring of the double deck bike rack.

1500N gently lifting, the usage lifetime is more than 10 thousand.

 The extraction testing (finished product testing) of the double deck bike rack.

 The steel used in the double deck bike rack meets the national standards.

 The outer body does not rust for 30 years, and the fasteners do not rust for 10 years.

Double deck bike rack videos

Customer reviews for bike rack

I would concur with others on this product. The double bike rack itself is well-made with carbon steel. The rack is secure and the track helps keep my bikes in a row. I decided to ignore the warning of another buyer and mount with what was included. I bought 1000 sets now they work great. It is a great buy.


The van designed, Optima Two Tier Rack with gas-assist allows you to park a large volume of bikes in a safe and accessible way. The two-tier is the go-to product of major construction companies because it doubles the amount of traditional, single level cycle parking. With the Optima, cycles are easily lifted on to the upper tier as it meets flush with the ground.

Quote for your double deck bike rack

  • If we can make any change to your products?

    Customization is welcomed! We are glad to assist you in making the products better and we will protect your design.
  • Can we make our own design on the packaging?

    Sure, most of our clients are using their self-designed packaging.
  • Can you print our logo on the products?

    Yes, of course. Just give us your logo image and tell us your requirements, your logo will be perfectly shown on it.
  • What's your lead time?

    Normally 7 working days for sample, 30-45 working days for mass production after we received the deposit.

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